After School Program


After School w/ CAKE program was launched in 2015. Our core program provides hands on training in culinary arts and science and prepare youth for a career in the hospitality industry. Additional programming set our youth up with life skills to navigate higher learning, entering the work force, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Located on Santee Education’s Campus: youth participate in activities in the 20-raised bed organic garden, the hydroponic garden located on deck adjacent to kitchen, full commercial kitchen, various classrooms and quiet-serene spaces to enjoy yoga.

Youth enrolled in the LAUSD 5 credit elective class:

  • Study health – wellness – nutrition

  • Grow own food hydroponically

  • Create fresh healthy recipe

  • Practice mindful meditation & yoga

  • Develop interpersonal skills

  • Create cookbook, “From Our Hood to Yours”

  • Become social entrepreneurs

Each week our youth will work with chef mentors from the fields of culinary arts & hospitality industry. Professional’s in mindful meditation, interpersonal communications, wellness-nutrition, yogis and social entrepreneurship.

Goal is to gift youth every ingredient needed to become educated, social & articulate entrepreneurial and balanced. They receive tools, toolkit and resources to achieve their goals. They are now prepared for a life of prosperity and to become agents of change.

In-School Curriculum


Beginning with life, youth explore our soil, how plants grow and the nutrients that make life possible. Ocean life and how the farm can arrive to the table.

Students study classical and contemporary culinary techniques, as well as develop critical thinking skills within an integrated front-of-the-house curriculum.

CAKE has partnered with C -CAP ( Careers through Culinary Arts Program) who provide job training, internships, and curriculum enrichment for high school culinary classrooms.  Additionally: scholarships, college advice and professional development.

Students receive hands-on education in food production and education in cooking, cost control, nutrition and sanitation. Studies include advanced techniques in classical/regional cuisines, grade manger, patisserie/dessert and a variety of international dining room training and services. The CAKE program also provides students with the opportunities to test their skills through national competitions which will open up doors to higher educational opportunities through scholarship’s and donor gifts.

Students’ receive mentor-ship from seasoned professionals in the fields of culinary arts, hospitality, nutrition, health advocacy, and video and film production.Program graduates will be positioned with the knowledge, skills and connections to pursue careers in some of the world’s best full-service restaurants, hotels, and catering operations.

Career opportunities in Hospitality Industry

Over 16 million people are employed in the hospitality industry. By 2025 1.7 million new restaurant positions will be needed to be filled by hard-working and dedicated staff

We are primed to prepare our youth for a successful full time career or as a part time worker in the process of exploring and advancing their career.


Summer Program

Our after school curriculum continues with a summer program that continues to teach students. Our 6-week, intensive summer program partners with with a nationally recognized health organization to employ, train and help participants develop gardening, entrepreneurial, and healthy life skills.

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