Professional Development


Our goal is to educate and develop our youth with the skills needed to both become professionals in the hospitality industry, as well as healthy, balanced individuals.  We are committed to thoroughly training our youth with the specific needs, so they can enter the work force well prepared and with a skill. We are equally committed to educating students about social responsibility, especially as it relates to sustainability and minimizing the impact on our environment. 

Students are formally educated using the curriculum from the Culinary Institute of America and the California Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.  Students further develop their skills sets by gaining real life experience through internships with top restaurant and hospitality professionals. It is through this model youth evolve from student to young culinarian.

A talented, well-rounded, local workforce is the intent of the C.A.K.E. program. The C.A.K.E. team will identify local corporate partners and train our students with the qualifications and skills to bring prosperity to the company and enrichment to the young professional.

C.A.K.E. is committed to strengthening the communities where we live, work, and travel. We recognize that when a business prospers so does the community. Our intent is to supply the hospitality industry with an educated workforce that will reflect your company culture and is an ambassador of health and wellness.